Learners from varied industries and backgrounds find immediate use in the learnings from EIT InnoEnergy’s modules and programmes.

Overall, 97% of learners would recommend these courses to peers and 80% of learners claim that the programmes advanced their careers. As a result of the combined efforts of continuously requesting input and feedback on needs from industry, as well as creating challenge-driven learning with real-world challenges from the partners in the EIT InnoEnergy ecosystem, the reviews are unanimous about the immediate applicability of learnings in their jobs.

Battery Storage Expert Programme“The information presented in the programme gives an excellent understanding of the main trends and insights currently on the field of batteries. In my opinion, that is the real value of the course, combining all the trends and information for the entire battery value chain.” Anonymous
Understanding Energy Storage: The Battery Revolution“Informative and thought provoking. This course gave a fascinating insight into battery storage and the possibilities ahead for the electric vehicle industry. I found it a good way to think ahead for future vehicle purchases. Thank you.” Anonymous

“Excellent course, learnt many things new about the battery storage counting from raw material to its business model.” Anonymous

“It provided a good appreciation for the technology behind and the potential for batteries.” Anonymous

Battery Storage Opportunities and Uses“An eye-opening insight into how technology is changing our use of energy. Coming from an engineering background I expected more techy stuff, but was pleasantly surprised at how the expanding market is driving the technology. This course will give an insider view of the fast- changing world of battery storage, and some very current ideas on how this will affect all users of electrical energy.”

“I have enjoyed spending the time over the three weeks to learn more detail about these systems and how they can and are changing the way energy is used. There’s a good mix of short videos, presentations, and discussion throughout. I would recommend this course.”

Energy storage the battery revolution“Excellent structure. Very clear, motivating and visually attractive. It was also a nice surprise to see specialists from different parts of the world.” Quality Assistant, Energy Utility company
Battery Storage Systems“The mix and diversity of this course makes it attractive!” Project Manager - Energy Storage, Energy Consulting company
Energy Storage Innovation“The total course program was very well thought out and a very good addition to the battery storage masterclass. To discuss and work around the business cases was really good and will help me to identify good implementations of batteries going forward.”  Anonymous
Battery Storage and Smart Grid Applications“This course provided me the tools to broadly understand the battery storage market and its main business opportunities, making it easier to build real business cases.”
Pedro Alves, Entrepreneur

“Well-delivered and structured course, provides a clear understanding of the current state of battery storage and the challenges ahead.”
Entrepreneur from the Netherlands new to the battery sector
Battery Storage Masterclass“I’m really happy to have completed the programme this summer and to have my new knowledge about batteries and battery storage applications to be able to tackle coming projects and to help transform the construction industry to more sustainable projects.”
Energy Engineer, Construction Company

“The course managed to provide all around knowledge of the batteries world, from chemistry to market, from applications to cost. All lectures were structured to be interesting and interactive for experts and for beginners at the same time.”
PhD candidate, Research organisation within the battery field

Energy Systems Integration: An Introduction“Interesting course outlining Energy System Integration. Good case studies and explains the complexities of energy systems and the development of renewables.”

“Excellent introduction to an enormous subject. Well explained. Well taught to the camera. Excellent glossary.”

Energy Economics“Very much interesting and clearly presented.” PhD candidate within the energy field
Managing Energy Data: Advanced Analytics“The materials can positively contribute to a solid knowledge base for further learning.” Data Analyst, Energy Utility company

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