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Education is changing from a broad, up-front invested, just-in-case approach towards more focused, intentional, just-in-time, challenge-driven learning. EIT InnoEnergy uses the latest educational technologies to create interactive learning environments, where networking with other learners and access to experts is embedded within the learning platform.

What we offer

EBA Academy is built on the foundation of EIT InnoEnergy’s education services track record. Based on the identified skills gap in the e-mobility sector and the European battery value chain, experts from EIT InnoEnergy and its network of partners developed 30 learning packages, which have served over 35.000 learners in the last three years. From modest learning goals to complex organisational demands, from purely online to blended courses, from informational to certified programmes; EIT InnoEnergy tailors and delivers challenge-driven programmes based on real-world challenges to close the skills gap.

We currently offer:

We’re currently sharing our learning content with industry partners and the first local training providers from within the EU. We will continue to scale our learning services offering to serve even more players in the European market.


If you’re a European training provider or L&D department and would like to learn more about the EBA Academy and how you can work with us to develop and enhance your training and/or learning offering(s), we’d love to hear from you. Register your interest with a member of our team below.

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