EBA250 is a unique platform for key stakeholders throughout the entire battery value chain. The network includes the European Commission, EU member states, the European Investment Bank and more than 800 industrial, innovation and academia stakeholders. The objective is to build a strong pan-European battery industry that is able to help Europe capture a growing market worth 250B€/year from 2025.

Being part of the EBA250 network gives access to:

Regulatory Insights

  • Alignment with the European Strategic Action Plan for Batteries
  • Unique insight into ongoing activities in the battery sector that are taking place in the Commission, member states, industry and academia
  • Updates on upcoming legislation
  • Public policy recommendations directly addressed to the European Commission

Market Intelligence

  • Holistic and dynamic observatory on battery projects
  • Access to market research information and insights
  • Updates on the progress of ongoing projects

Business Development Opportunities

  • Access to a network of industrial and academic partners throughout the battery value chain (from mining to recycling)
  • A catalyst for your business by connecting you with project partners and customers, giving you visibility and cooperation opportunities.

De-risking Opportunities

  • Access to InnoEnergy funding and potentially to the InnoEnergy Venture Capital Community
  • Credibility for your funding requests and connection with the Alliance’s financial partners
  • Support with navigating and decoding in the publicly funded landscape (EU, national and regional)

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