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Aug 17, 2020

AGL Energy plans for a 500 MW battery installation

Australia’s AGL Energy Ltd is planning a 500 MW Li-ion battery instead of the 50 years old Liddell coal fired power station in New South Wales. This is an illustration that large scale battery installation together with solar and wind generation is now replacing fossil electricity – and scaling up the demand for batteries.

Australia pioneered the use of large scale batteries in the electricity grid with the Tesla installation in Hornsdale in 2017. The experience was positive. In an early even when a coal fired power station suddenly tripped the battery stepped in and delivered electricity with a 140 millisecond delay providing superior stability service.

It is further reported that this 100 MW and 129 MWh battery capacity reduced the stabilisation costs in the grid by 90% to the benefit of electricity consumers in Southern Australia.

The Hornsdale Power Reserve is currently upgraded with an additional 50MW 64,5 MWh capacity.

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