Sep 28, 2023

Batteries Europe and Battery 2030+ Unveil Groundbreaking Research and Innovation Roadmaps to Revolutionize European Battery Industry

Today Batteries Europe, the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Batteries, and Battery 2030+, the large scale and long-term European research initiative for batteries, have officially released their highly anticipated Research and Innovation (R&I) Roadmaps.

These Roadmaps, published by Batteries Europe and Battery 2030+, are set to be a cornerstone in advancing the European battery sector. They provide invaluable guidance on the path we must take to fulfil our commitment to establishing a competitive battery value chain within Europe.

The two teams teams have diligently crafted these Roadmaps to serve as a strategic blueprint for the industry. They outline key directions, technological milestones, and critical areas of focus that will drive innovation and sustainability across the battery sector. As we embark on this journey, we envision a cleaner environment, reduced carbon emissions, and the creation of sustainable employment opportunities in Europe’s burgeoning battery industry.

This joint release marks a significant milestone in the European battery R&I community collective efforts to transform the landscape of energy storage in Europe and beyond. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and invite you to explore these Roadmaps to learn more about the exciting future of the battery industry.

For access to the full Roadmaps and additional information:

Batteries Europe Research and Innovation Roadmap 2023
Battery 2030+ Science and Innovation Roadmap 2023

Read the full press release here

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