Dec 8, 2020

Batteries Europe publishes its Strategic Research Agenda

Last week, Batteries Europe published its Strategic Research Agenda, which outlines the research priorities for batteries that will allow Europe to become a competitive actor in the market.

The document is the result of the collaboration of the six Working Groups and the five Task Forces on Cross-cutting topics that were initiated in 2020, and sets the priorities that battery research should follow in the next years, supported by all relevant stakeholders including European, national and regional R&I funding agencies.

With the increased efforts towards decarbonisation set by the EU Green Deal and the knowledge that technological progress will lead to progressive electrification, comes the requirement to immediately prioritise battery research, with a holistic approach across the entire battery value chain. Following the Batteries Europe’s prerogative, the agenda identifies topics across the value chain and the relative urgency in which they need to be tackled.

As a starter, investments in battery research and associated infrastructure must be both significant and continuous over time, covering both short-term and long-term  priorities. Europe will need cutting-edge research, from concept to product to market introduction, improving sustainability, reducing costs and ensuring high quality and safety of products and processes. And in order to ensure that European experts are at a level-playing field, the development and deployment of skills & training is paramount to keep the battery value chain competitive.

Download the Batteries Europe Strategic Research Agenda

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