May 7, 2021

“Digitalisation of Batteries for Smart Energy and Transport Systems” – Workshop summary

Batteries Europe, ETIP SNET – Smart Networks for the Energy Transition and EGVIA – The European Green Vehicles Initiative Association co-organised earlier this week a workshop on “Digitalisation of Batteries for Smart Energy and Transport Systems”, initiative also supported by the European Commission. We present below a summary of the event.

Digitalisation is without doubt an important key accelerator for battery development, integration and optimised utilisation. It supports developments across each and every part of the battery value chain including for example the raw materials traceability, cell manufacturing and optimisation of energy storage system and e-mobility. Europe is already today good at creating digital solutions – and if we excel in this field digitalisation can give us significant competitive advantage. More concerted efforts are however needed to continue developing this important in Europe- and therefore, Batteries Europe has initiated a special task force on digitalisation.

The first results on this work were presented on Wednesday 05 May in an online workshop on “Digitalization of Batteries for Smart Energy and Transport Systems”.

The speakers invited (Maher Chebbo, Ctechnologys/Digitalization Task Force Chair of Batteries Europe ETIP; Marco-Robert Schulz, Siemens Energy/ETIP SNET/Gaia-X; Peter Nemcek, CyberGrid/ETIP SNET; Tejs Vegge, DTU/ BATTERY 2030+; Tomaž Katrašnik, University of Ljubljana/EGVIA) presented their views on the key technology solutions, involving digital batteries, that will shape Europe’s energy transformation, covering core issues such as the European dataspaces and the potential of stationary batteries flexibility.

Decarbonization, Digitalization and Decentralization were presented as key priorities for an energy transition that takes into account batteries needs. For this reason, the discussion was centred around the innovative methodologies and research practices needed for merging the digital and the battery value chains.

The final Batteries Europe ETIP Position Paper on Digitilisation will soon be available on the Batteries Europe website at: https://ec.europa.eu/energy/topics/technology-and-innovation/batteries-europe

The organisers of the online workshop, Batteries Europe, ETIP SNET and EGVIA would like to thank all the +180 participants who provided great insights on the key role digital batteries will play in transforming Europe’s energy and transport system to achieve the EU Green Deal targets.

If you want to get involved in the work of Batteries Europe, please contact: info@batterieseurope.eu.

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