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The European battery value chain has already attracted €60 billion in investments in 2019 alone, and that number is growing. New projects across the value chain are expected to create between 3 and 4 million direct and indirect jobs over the next few years. It follows that approximately 800,000 workers will need to be trained, upskilled, or reskilled by 2025 to meet this demand – that’s a staggering 160,000 workers to be trained every year.

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The availability of a skilled workforce is necessary to ensure success in developing, building, and operating industrial projects across the battery value chain. The need to address this challenge was unanimously acknowledged by the 14 Ministers, 4 Commissioners and the Vice Presidents of the EIB as a call for concerted action at the occasion of the 5th high-level ministerial meeting that took place on 12 March 2021. EIT InnoEnergy, which invested early in creating and providing educational content and materials to serve part of this critical need, was entrusted by VP Šefčovič to team up with Member States to launch the EBA Academy. And then, through the Academy and in partnership with local training professionals, develop, curate and share curricula and training content based on the battery industry’s skills needs.

Only a coordinated European approach to developing and delivering training content adapted to the industry’s skills needs can help ensure that 160.000 workers can be trained on average each year to 2025 throughout Europe. With the EBA Academy, we’re building a pan-European education ecosystem that will reduce the cost to up- and reskill workers while drastically increasing the efficiency and quality of training by reducing the lead time for local training providers to start and test new programmes or enhance their existing portfolio.

How does it work?

  1. The EBA Academy works closely with EBA250 members (the largest European Association in the Battery industry) to identify and frame the main skill demands across the European battery value chain.
  2. Additionally, with our partners (such as Fraunhofer and Albatts), we research and identify further gaps in key skills and competencies borne from Europe’s rapidly evolving battery and electrification landscape. 
  3. Based on these insightswe develop and produce exceptional programmes and learning content to address those skill gaps, including online learning modules, in-person training and even training manuals.
  4. As a training provider, you can partner with EIT InnoEnergy to access, reuse or repurpose these industry-proven programmes or learning content and then deliver or distribute it to your clients and end customers.
  5. You only pay us a nominal fee for every worker you reskill or upskill using our learning content. 

Joining the EBA Academy as a training provider means:


If you’re a European training provider or L&D department and would like to learn more about the EBA Academy and how you can work with us to develop and enhance your training and/or learning offering(s), we’d love to hear from you. Register your interest with a member of our team below.

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