Oct 5, 2020

Electric car racing is gaining momentum

Formula E, the electric competitor to the 20th century iconic Formula 1 racing circus, is on its’ way to become number one in car racing. The shift in car industry technology has made an impact on the interest in spending money on engine technology competition.

Reuters, in an article published on 2 October, describes the fundamental challenge to the old, fuel based, Formula 1 posed after the announcement that Honda is pulling out, leaving only four engine manufacturing companies competing in Formula 1.

Formula E this season already has 10 manufacturers competing. There are rumors that Mercedes, currently active in both Formula 1 and Formula E, will leave the fossil fueled Formula 1 and focus on the electric Formula E.

The technological development coming from car racing may become another significant contribution to the development electric cars. Extreme demands on battery technology, battery management systems , electric motors and control systems ultimately can make its way to mass production.


Photo credits: ABB FIA Formula E

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