May 28, 2020

EU Recovery Plan: Repair and Prepare for the Next Generation

As previously announced, the EU recovery plan “Repair and Prepare for the Next Generation was published yesterday.

It introduces an impressive set of actions on how EU shall recover from and prepare for a better and more sustainable future after the negative effects of the COVID-19 situation.

The execution and even speeding up of the green transition – as outlined in the European Green Deal, Europe’s growth strategy – is therefore the very essence of this recovery plan.

The battery industry and the European Battery Alliance is a fundamental cornerstone in this green transition and is mentioned alongside with initiatives on hydrogen, renewable energies and sustainable energy infrastructures.

Quote from the EU recovery plan:

“The new Strategic Investment Facility will invest in technologies key for the clean energy transition, such as renewable and energy storage technologies, clean hydrogen, batteries, carbon capture and storage and sustainable energy infrastructure. The work of the European Battery Alliance will be fast-tracked and the new Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Alliance will steer and coordinate the rapid upscaling of clean hydrogen production and use in Europe.”

The battery value chain will also contribute the job creation and pave the way to amore sustainable transport system. The important role batteries play has been acknowledged with special financial support for “the installation of one million charging points, clean fleet renewals by cities and companies, sustainable transport infrastructure and enable the shift to clean urban mobility. Public investment to relaunch the recovery of the transport sector should come with a commitment from industry to invest in cleaner and more sustainable mobility.”

A stronger focus on raw materials will also help making Europe more resilient. It will be pushed by [a] new Action Plan on Critical Raw Materials [that] will also look at how to strengthen crucial markets in a sustainable way for e-mobility, batteries, renewable energies, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, defense and digital applications. This will be supported by the full implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan.

You find the EU recovery plan here.

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