Nov 30, 2020

Fake EVs’ emissions figures

All of us working on reducing CO2 emissions have come across news claiming that the efforts to reduce our carbon footprint might not be effective or even counterproductive. Some facts are correct, and of course need to be highlighted to encourage further adjustements and more effective actions to reduce CO2 emissions. But there are also examples of distorted and even incorrect “news” evidently aired to slow down the efforts to address climate change.

No later than last week, well-regarded media have published articles on a recent report that claims it takes almost 50,000 miles for an electric vehicle to match the carbon footprint of vehicles powered by fossil fuels. Michael Liebreich, Senior Contributor at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a company he founded in 2004 and then acquired by Bloomberg, took a closer look at the story and uncovered evidences of the misinformation. We want to highlight this compelling read from Michael Liebreich that tears down, one after the other, all the information behind the source of a “new study” on electric vehicles (EVs). An examplary work checking on the veracity of the facts.

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