Jan 29, 2021

Finland to follow up EU’s Strategic Action Plan for Batteries

After the launch of the Swedish battery strategy in December, it is now Finland releasing its national ambitions related to batteries. The Finnish Battery Strategy was launched yesterday with the aim to strengthen Finland’s position as a pioneer in sustainable battery manufacturing and recycling. Hungary is next in line and is expected to release its national strategy this spring.

National batteries strategies are an important tool to adapt the actions and recommendations developed by the European Battery Alliance to national prerequisites. The common target to build a European battery industry is the underlying foundation, however no single Member State has to be best in every part of the value chain. Here the national strategies can help to identify both focus areas and areas for EU and international cooperation.

Europe has to act together, act fast with innovative ways of working across sectorial boundaries – every country can contribute. In all cases the working methods and core values of the European Battery Alliance have therefore been central in developing the national strategies speed and competitiveness with a strong focus on sustainability and on the role of batteries in a circular economy. The proposed actions have been developed with key stakeholders along the entire battery value chain.

The Finnish Battery Strategy has been developed with a working group appointed by the Minister of Economic Affairs and outlines seven concrete actions to develop Finland’s existing battery and electrification cluster:

  • Enhancing national cooperation
  • Scaling up the skills of the battery and electrification cluster
  • Expanding EU and international cooperation
  • Establishing an operating environment that attracts investments to Finland
  • Making Finland a forerunner in sustainable and responsible battery production
  • Developing the brand of the Finnish battery and electrification cluster
  • Developing bigger and more agile funding

Maroš Šefčovič, European Commission Vice-President for Interinstitutional Relations in charge of the European Battery Alliance, congratulated the Ministry of Economic Affairs for “establishing a driving force in European battery creation”, adding that national initiatives such as these could place Europe as a significant exporter of “top quality batteries” provided there is “significant funding across the value chain”.


More information about Finland’s battery strategy can be found here:
Link to the executive summary in English:

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