Apr 26, 2021

MRC enters MOU with Superior Graphite

With the ever-increasing demand of EVs and other sorts of battery applications, the need to assure access to raw materials and its processing becomes increasingly important.

EIT InnoEnergy has identified that EU’s upstream raw material supply and processing capacity needs to accelerate if we compare to the actual development. And even though several plans for cathode and electrolyte materials are in place, the anode capacity still represents a big challenge in Europe.

On 13 April 2021, the Australian company Mineral Commodities Ltd (MRC) announced its ambition to fast-track anode production into European battery market forming a 50:50 joint venture with Superior Graphite Co.

MRC owns 90% of Skaland Graphite AS, Norway, the highest-grade operating flake graphite mine in the world and the largest producer in Europe.  The joint venture would use Superior’s proprietary electro-thermal purification technology to purify MRC’s natural flake graphite at Superior’s existing thermal purification facility located in Sundsvall, Sweden. The aim is to produce, market and supply up to ~15-20,000tpa of Sustainable Graphite Anode Material to battery manufacturers in Europe, Scandinavia, United Kingdom and Australia.

Some key highlights of this joint venture include the followings:

  • MRC will be one of the first manufacturers of battery anode material from natural flake graphite outside China, and the only one in Europe,
  • It will be addressing the strong demand from European battery manufacturers looking for local supply of critical raw materials while seeking strategic diversification away from Chinese suppliers,
  • It will produce one of the most sustainable anode materials on the market.

Based on this news, this places Europe in a good position for the correct development of batteries.

More information can be found in MRC press release.

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