Feb 24, 2023

Nordic Battery Industry Shows Growth and Key Requirements for Success

Thursday February 23, the second edition of the Nordic Battery value chain was officially issued at a special edition of the Nordic Battery Thursdays especially dedicated to this.

The report is held together by Business Sweden and made by the following organizations:
The three trade promotion organizations: Innovation Norway, Business Finland and Business Sweden and the Swedish Energy Agency.

The report is comprehensively expanded on a number of areas and demonstrates the substantial growth. It also points out the collection of beneficial preconditions that enables this growth as well as what areas that still need to be improved or implemented.

The objective of the report is to give an updated overview of the value proposition of the Nordic value chain and in addition give a joint understand of the key necessities in order to grasp this very large business opportunity.

During the Nordic Battery Thursday webinar held today key words that were used in the Panel dialogue were Collaboration and Innovation in addition to all the other beneficial preconditions. Also focus on the important parts there is still a big need for more efforts being sustainable supply of raw materials, skills and production machinery. Additionally the effects of the Inflation Reduction Act issued by the US were discussed and how Europe can again “balance the playing field”.

Plenty of important information in this report that is likely to become an encyclopedia regarding the Nordic Battery value chain

The report can be found here

Photo: Business Sweden

Here you can see the recording of the event.

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