Oct 21, 2020

Preparing for the age of energy storage

In this interview driven by Energy Storage News, Bo Normark, Industrial Strategy Executive at EIT InnoEnergy and one of the leaders of the EBA250 initiative, comments on the past, present and future of energy storage. He shares his view on the main areas in focus in energy storage – lithium-ion batteries, flow batteries, ultracapacitors and hydrogen, and illustrates the need for Europe to invest in the entire energy value chain.

“What is important is that we are really serious about the value chain. We are talking with a large number of companies that are planning to open mines, companies that are going to invest in in processing equipment, recycling plants. So I’m not saying that Europe will necessarily need to be self sufficient, but I’m saying that is absolutely unacceptable that we are non-existent.”

Read the full article on Energy Storage News website.


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