May 6, 2020

Reskill and upskill in times of quarantine

Due to the pandemic crisis, European automotive production units have gradually come to a halt dismissing or laying-off workers. In these challenging times DRIVES and ALBATTS blueprint projects jointly decided to invite inactive or laid-off employees to devote their time to education!

This is an interface to free online courses selected by DRIVES and ALBATTS partnerships, related to the automotive industry and e-mobility, made available by major world-renowned universities. It is meant to guide reskill and upskill home education of the workforce in the automotice sector. More information on this page.

Additional training and courses for companies in the energy space are also provided by EIT InnoEnergy Professional Learning. Whether students and learners want to bullet-proof their career, accelerate their success or start a sustainable energy company, EIT InnoEnergy’s professional learning solutions give access to thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses, career information, and innovative start-ups so you can spend your time learning with experts and getting hands-on experience.

Plenty of opportunities to reskill and upskill during these challenging times.

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