Jul 13, 2020

Seat to produce BEVs in Spanish main plant from 2025

According to the European Commission, the EU has a set target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% of 1990 levels by 2030. If achieved, this would result in a reduction of emission levels to less than 3400 Mt of CO2 equivalent from 1990 levels of 5665 Mt of CO2 equivalent. One of the major contributors to emission in the EU in the transport sector. It accounts for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. Hence, a reduction in emissions from the transport sector will play a major role in the overall reduction of emissions in the EU.  

 Within the EU, Spain ranks second in terms of annual car production with Germany being the leader. According to ACEA, in 2017, close to 17 million cars were produced in the EU of which Spain had a share of 13.5%. 

 Last week, Seat announced that, from 2025 onwards, it will start the production of purely electric vehicles at its main plant in Martorell, Spain. They have planned to invest 5 billion euros by 2025 to R&D projects in order to develop new models and to equipment and facilities. The main aim of this investment would be to take on new projects, specially to electrify the range. 

 Carsten IsenseePresident of SEAT stated: “To ensure the future of the car industry in Spain we need the collaboration of the central, regional and local administrations. We cannot do it alone”. 

This reconfirms the need for an organised and competitive European industry, to be able to provide the means for an exponential growth within the battery ecosystem in Europe. 

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