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Jan 31, 2022

Stationary storage targeted by several of the European cell manufacturing projects

A year ago we reported on a substantial growth in Energy Storage Systems (ESS) projects  being established around the world.

The largest battery ESS installed is till the Moss Landing facility in California with 400 MW/1200 MWh capacity. There are however several other very large scale projects being announced. Europe is also getting into the game with both an initiative driven by AMP Energy in Scotland consisting of two 400 MW/800 MWh projects as well as the 360 MW installation by Sembcorp in England.

These and several other Energy storage projects being announced makes in more and more interesting for the cell manufacturers of Europe to focus on this market when there can be larger off take agreements with individual projects. One sign of this is Norwegian Freyr who is teaming up with Honeywell for a deal on supplying them with batteries as well Freyr using technology solutions from Honeywell. Another example is the collaboration between Northvolt and Fluence that was announced last spring.

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