Feb 4, 2021

Bombardier (now Alstom) to replace diesel engines by Li-ion batteries on AGC trains

As highlighted by French and international press last week, the French National Railways SNCF takes a big step toward removing fossil fuel as an energy source for its fleet of AGC trains. The fleet consists of 700 trainsets and a large part is either diesel or diesel-electric powered.

As an initial step, five trainsets will be converted and tested in five regions in France. Pending successful completion of testing phase, another 320 dual mode trainsets will be converted from diesel to battery power. The conversion will be made by Bombardier – now Alstom as of 01 February 2021 – in Crespin, France. The company is also the original manufacturer of the entire AGC fleet. Propulsion system was developed and produced by Bombardier in Sweden, which is now part of this innovative project together with other sister propulsion sites in Germany and India. The Li-ion batteries lifetime is 10 years at nominal performances and will give the trainset a range of at least 80 km autonomy without catenary.

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