Cessna Caravan electric flight
Jun 4, 2020

Cessna Caravan plane completes first all-electric flight

We published recently an article on electric passenger planes and how they could be the next application for batteries. There is indeed much interesting development in this area looking at the  modifed Cessna Caravan plane completing its first all-electric flight in the US last week.

Redmond-based start-up MagniX has designed a light electric motor for use in a Cessna 208 normally seating 9 people. The aircraft was modified by Seattle-based AeroTEC for all electric flight. Using today’s battery technology, it succeeded in operating a 30-minute flight over Moses Lake in Washington, US. The route to use an exiting aircraft as a test platform is expected to shorten time for the certification process of electric passenger aircrafts. This strategy will make it possible to keep up the certification time with the rapid development of Li-ion batteries.

Read full article on Seattle Times. Photo credit: MagniX

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