Nov 2, 2020

Decarbonisation of the transport sector

How is the transport sector really doing when it comes to meeting the new CO2 requirements?

Transport and Environment published a must-read report on this subject just last month. It provides an excellent insight into the fundamentally important subject of how to decarbonise the transport sector. It details the achievements but also highlights the pitfalls and suggests what needs to be done forward to enable us to really meet the target of decarbonising the transport sector.

As reflected in the name of the report Mission (almost) accomplished – Carmakers’ race to meet the 2020/21 CO2 targets, and the EU electric cars market that the targets are almost met.

In a nutshell, the report addresses:

  • The significant drop in CO2 emissions in the first half of 2020,
  • The EU sales of electric cars that have boomed during the first half of 2020 to reach 8% and that are potentially going to reach 10% by end of the year,
  • T&E forecats on EV market shares that could increase to an impressive 14-15% by end of 2021,
  • That about two thirds of the EU carmakers included in the study are likely to comply with or even exceed the 2020/21 EU car CO2 standard by the end of this year,
  • How the studied carmaker brands are doing individually and also explains the regulatory flexibilities of the EU CO2 standard.


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