Aug 20, 2020

Europe’s shift to electric vehicles

The road transport transition indicators have been accumulating in 2020.

One of them is the European car sales figures from June. According to data compiled by Cleantechnica, overall car sales dropped by 24% year on year. Passenger plug-in vehicles, on the other hand, increased by 95%! That gave plug-in vehicles a market share of 8.2 %, soon to reach the 10% milestone.

Most sold in Europe during June was Renault Zoe. In July, car sales in France increased year-on-year, while the plug-in share increase faster reaching a market reached a market share of 9.5% – a dramatic increase from only 2.5% last year.

While Norway and Island have passed 50% market share for plug-in vehicles, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands and Portugal hav already passed the 10% milestone during the first half of 2020.

In May, the number of public charging points reached 1 million at fast growth. About half of them are in China, but Europe, too, is way ahead of the US.

While charging stations grow in numbers, conventional filling stations for liquid fuels is in decline and already far below the highest numbers.

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