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Nov 9, 2020

Stationary storage is ramping up

Earlier this year, we published an article on how stationary batteries further triggered the storage boom. Grid-scale batteries might still be  considered for some as a niche technology, the number of projects in this area accelerates and the future looks bright.

The latest forecast on the stationary storage shows indeed that despite the current COVID 19 situation there will still be an unprecedented installation of batteries in the grids. The recent annoucement from Northvolt commissioning its first energy storage system in collaboration with the Swedish utility Mälarenergi is an example.

Recent market forecast from Bloomberg points towards 4.6 GW installed globally with US, Europe and China being the main markets. Of the projected installations it is Li-ion batteries that account for the absolute majority of the installations. Hence it is expected that the installations rate will be limited by the availability of battery cells. This is confirmed by Teslas R.J. Johnson, head of Tesla’s energy business “We have more demand than supply through 2021, and we continue to ramp the product to match unprecedented demand across the globe through 2023 and beyond,” Johnson said. “Our order book is rapidly filling up through 2023 in a multiple-gigawatt-hour scale.” 

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